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A simple glimpse of our history

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Our Story

Prior to 2018, Hostshield hosting company was developed by a young and tech-savvy team who followed their passion and dreams and decided to invest in the VPS industry. In that time, such investments were challenging due to market saturation and high competition. Hostshield’s main goal is to offer customers an exceptional experience with the lowest prices. We currently own multiple SSD empowered servers hosted in the Netherlands Lelystad and in the United Kingdom with multiple ip subnets which allows us to provide cheap and premium vps to our customers. For more than three years, we’ve been successfully growing and providing our services for hundred of customers all around the world. Behind our success story, stands a competent team who is committed to achieve the growth of our company.

Our Vision

Hostshield goal is to become a leading hosting company, providing cheap and affordable vps prices where every user around the globe can enjoy our service. In addition, Hostshield LTD provides dedicated servers in the netherlands for people who wants to expands their business










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