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Netherlands uses a robust digital infrastructure, it is ranked second in the world for online connectivity. Not to forget that Netherlands is home to Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) one of the world’s leading digital data distributors.

Most Popular Netherlands VPS Hosting Plans


[pricingtable title=”NL Basic VPS” start=”STARTING FROM” price=”$7.99″ per=”PER MONTH” btn=”ORDER NOW” link=”″ width=”25%”]


[pricingtable title=”NL Advanced VPS” start=”STARTING FROM” price=”$11.99″ per=”PER MONTH” btn=”ORDER NOW” link=”″ width=”25%”]


[pricingtable title=”NL PRO 1 VPS” start=”STARTING FROM” price=”$17.99″ per=”PER MONTH” btn=”ORDER NOW” link=”″ featured=”true” width=”25%”]


[pricingtable title=”NL PRO 2 VPS” start=”STARTING FROM” price=”$24.99″ per=”PER MONTH” btn=”ORDER NOW” link=”″ width=”25%”]


Short provisioning time and easy resource allocation

Get your Netherlands VPS Instantly activated and start reaching the world

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Check out our latest Netherlands vps hosting features

Our VPS Hosting comes with a lot of features, we have so many of them it would take you too much time to read about our features! We decided to make a quick list of the main features, check the pages to see the features in action

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A few lovely stats

[cprocess title=”Deployed Servers” text=”5513″ percent=”70″]
[cprocess title=”Total Clients” text=”20510″ percent=”45″]
[cprocess title=”Days of Uptime” text=”7028″ percent=”33″]
[cprocess title=”Happy Resellers” text=”4649″ percent=”60″]

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