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connect linux vps ssh

In this guide we will be showing you how to connect to a linux vps through an ssh connection. If you do not have a linux vps and would like to rent one, make sure to check out our linux vps packages. What are the steps needed to achieve a connection to a linux virtual private server ?

For Windows Users:

1- First you have to install Putty Terminal Client from the link below:

2- Open Putty Terminal Client and enter your vps ip address in the "Hostname(or ip address)" field. Check the box "SSH" and click open.

connect linux vps putty

3- Enter your vps username which is usually "root"

connect linux vps putty

4- Enter the password of your vps

connect linux vps putty

5- Hit Enter and wait a few seconds then you're connected !

connect linux vps putty

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